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1.25 MW Inverter

  • DC insulation monitoring and protection
  • Low harmonic current output
  • Input and output isolation through automatic control of contactor and ACB through control computer respectively
  • Automatic wake-up and sleep mode operation

Smart User Interface

128 x 64 dot matrix user Interactive Display. User data configuration, and faults, data download through USB/ Etherrnet using PC based application software. Ethernet / SCADA system for interfacing the web-based monitoring system. 30 days of Internal memory data and fault information with associated data packs for any triggered event.

Advanced Technology

Highest efficiency over wide operation range using three level technology. Configurable reactive and power factor adjustment. Grid side fault monitoring and support (LVRT, HVRT, anti-islanding, reactive power control, power factor regulation). Integrated grid side lower harmonic control algorithm.

High Yield

Highest efficiency of 98.9% with Euro/CEC efficiency of 98.71% / 98.76%. Wide operating Temperature range . 110% higher operating power at lower working ambient temperature. Optimized cooling fan control for energy savings as well as longer fan life

  • Anti islanding-loss of mains.
  • DC reverse polarity protection.
  • AC and DC short circuit and over load protection.
  • AC over and under voltage protection.
  • DC over voltage protection.
  • Earth fault protection.
  • Insulation monitoring and protection.
  • Monitoring of dc current injection into grid.
  • AC Over/ Under frequency protection.
  • Output side Disconnection device AC Circuit Breaker
  • Input side Disconnection device DC contactor
  • AC and DC Surge Protection. (DC-Side Type-I, AC-Side- Type-II )
  • Ground Fault monitoring and protection .
  • Current Imbalance protection.
  • Loss of synchronisation.
  • Over Temperature.
  • Cooling Failure.

    • Efficiency Measurements: IEC 61683:First Edition,1999-11
    • Environmental Testing*: IEC 60068-2-1 Cold test, -2-2 Dry Heat Test, -2-30 Damp Heat Cycle Test
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): IEC 61000-6-2, -6-4
    • Electrical Safety: IEC 62109-1:Edition-1.0, 2010-04 and IEC 62109-2:Edition-1, 2011-06
    • Protection against Islanding of Grid: IEC 62116 and IEEE 1547
    • Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Characteristics of the utility Interface: IEC 61727:Edition2, 2004-12

    (*testing in progress)

    • Maximum Efficiency (excluding auxiliary supply): 98.9%
    • Weighted Efficiency EURO/CEC (excluding auxiliary consumption for both parameters): 98.71% / 98.76%
    • MPPT Efficiency : 99.99%
    • Auxiliary supply consumption: < 2900 W
    • Night mode power consumption: < 100 W
    • No load losses: <1650 W

    Technical Details

    Download document to see more details


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    Phone: +91 (40) 6723 7000