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60 kW String Inverter

  • High ROI with Six MPPT for maximum energy harvest
  • Highest European efficiency 98.5%
  • Electrolytic free design for maximum reliability
  • Fuse free design ensures low maintanance
  • Smart cooling for maximum reliability
  • Robust enclosure with IP65 rating for outdoor installation

High Return on Investment

High conversion efficiency
Six independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) inputs
High PV input voltage reduces losses on the DC wiring
Low start up and stop voltages resulting maximised energy harvest
Intelligent firmware and architecture to ensure continuous operation against excessive panels to ground capacitance

Easy and Safe Service

Easy firmware upgrade via ethernet with auto/ manual upgradation
Both DC and AC Surge Protection with included monitoring to protect inverter from lightning threat 

Remote monitoring and control

Easy interface to the Internet enables quick access to all inverter parameters and fault monitoring results in lower operation and maintenance cost

  • Anti islanding-loss of mains: Both Active and Passive methods.
  • DC over voltage protection category: Class II
  • AC over voltage protection category: Class III
  • DC reverse polarity protection.
  • DC short circuit and over load protection.
  • Output short circuit and over load protection.
  • AC over voltage protection.
  • DC over voltage protection.
  • Leakage current protection.
  • Insulation monitoring and protection.
  • Monitoring of dc current injection into grid.

  • Isolation method: Transformerless
  • Protective class: Class I
  • Standards compliance
    • Safety: IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2
    • Grid: IEC 61727
    • Islanding: IEEE 1547.1
    • Efficiency: IEC 61683
    • EMC: IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-4
    • Environmental: IEC 60068-2-1,
      • IEC 60068-2-2,
      • IEC 60068-2-14,
      • IEC 60068-2-30

* Warranty (standard/ optional) 5 years /(extended up to 10 years)

(* yet to be certified)

  • Max. efficiency: 98.7%
  • Weighted European efficiency: 98.5%
  • Weighted CEC efficiency: 98.6%
  • Internal consumption in night operation: <0.5 W
  • Standby power: <10 W

Technical Details

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